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Forgotten Mists
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9th-Oct-2005 07:02 pm - Character Creation:
Name: Duh!
Soul Name: One or two syllables only, traditional wolf rider soul name.
Previous:  Did they have a name before the current? What was it? Average one or two.
Age: 0-14 cub, 14-150 adolescent, 150-1,500 mature, 1500 + elder
Gender: Duh!
Orientation: Deal with it. Hetero, Bisexual or Homosexual.
Blood: Pure, mixed, half? I.e. Elf, Wolfrider, go-back, throw-back. Must have expressed permission from me to have someone rare.
Duty:  What is their specific job in the holt?

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9th-Oct-2005 07:01 pm - Rules & Guidelines:
Please read and follow these rules. It'll help everything run smoother, and will make things more fun for everyone.

Rated PG-13:
FMH is rated PG-16 as defined by current Canadian media standards. This means that you must be at least 16 years of age to join FMH . The PG-16 rating also applies to all fanart, fanfic and other Holt related materials. R-rated works may be submitted but will be posted with the proper ratings and warnings. Ravvit. You may view at your own discretion. With this said, I have no responsibility to you if you are under age and choose to view these submissions. If you parents would like to contact me with any concerns please tell them they are free to do so. I welcome these openly.

Participation Requirements:
FMH highly encourages member participation. When you join you are granted a two week new member grace period during which you may adjust to Holt life, meet and talk with other members and start getting a feel for the Holt. You may also use this time to begin some sort of Holt participation. Bear. When the two week grace period expires, I will admit you as a full member and you are strongly encouraged to submit something. You are then asked to try to participate in the Holt once per month, in any fashion you desire or are able to (i.e. fanfic, fanart, spoofs, etc) I realize every person's situation is unique and this can be tailored to.

If, however, I do not hear from you during/after the two week grace period, your email dies on me, you fall off the face of the internet or similar circumstances arise, I will be forced to remove your name and character from the Holt. These situations are very rare, however, so you shouldn't have anything to worry about. If I feel at any time you are not meeting my requirements you will be removed. Fish.

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If you have any problems with these rules, please contact yvil_monster, the Holt-Mistress.
9th-Oct-2005 07:00 pm - Welcome message & information.
Welcome to forgottenmists, the online archive for Forgotten Mists Holt.

The older members will remember a website, that went through many different hosts, layouts and changes. We've decided, upon reopening the holt, that we'd do away with it. It's simply easier for all parties involved.

New members who have never used LJ before, creating an account is free and easy, and instead of us trying to keep an up-to-date profile for you, you can do it yourself. It's also a great way to get to know your fellow holt members. You can simply go to the community's profile, see who's here and add them to your friends list. Simple. :)

holt INFO
will update this section with info on how to search through the memories and tags for holt info/etc as soon as more content is up. :)

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